LEGALS You are entitled to a 14 day cooling off  period for all work Subject to contract 12.6.19 E TREE WORK

We can cut and remove main branches logs and trunks safely and efficiently Tree removal can be a dangerous and complex process which should only be attempted by a qualified and experienced arborists. We can remove even the largest trees in the most difficult settings, safely and without causing damage to surrounding properties and gardens - we provide a full waste removal service

TREE PRUNING Trees never stop growing …  Taller… Wider and sometimes in  Times of bad weather dangerous  If you need pruning or shaping  Call us - our expert services mean  It wont be long before matters are Under control and made better STORM DAMAGE With years of experience we can  Remove damaged trees - all waste can be chipped on site leaving  Property clean and tidy - securing Public danger and inconvenience Peace of mind … job done STUMP GRINDING

If you are having trees removed or already have an unsightly tree stump on your property, with our stump grinding machines we can effectively remove tree stumps well below the soil level without disturbing the surrounding terrain. Once the stump has been ground out the hole can be back-filled and tidied up. The remainder of the stump and its root system can then gradually rot away underground without disrupting any of the surrounding features such as buildings, hard surfaces or other trees and plants. Stump grinding is particularly useful when removing a tree from groups of other trees, which are to be retained. This makes sure the other roots are not pulled or torn when digging or winching. Our wide range of stump grinders means we have the right machine for stump removals in any environment.

TURFING & LAWNS Get the lawn you have always  wanted with us from small to Large even public areas we  Use quality turf for reliable  Results and provide services  Such as  Weeding Seeding cutting and  Mowing, levelling, feeding FENCING From small home and residential to major large scale and  commercial we provide all kinds of fencing …repairs concrete  posts and gravel boards keep  your property safe with us WALLS From Decorative Garden  Features to security walls Residential or commercial  Large or small - New build  repairs and maintenance  rendering pointing  foundations and replacement  bricks in many colours POWER WASH Driveways Patios and paving Get clean with us - the latest  High pressure cleaning for  Brilliant results every time Removing years of dirt grime And weather damage that can Restore colour and shine London Borough TREE CARE Ltd Call 07796 447 757 Call 07796 447 757
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